2021 Issue

Editors-in-Chief: Alycia Lee and Michael Yao

Associate Editors: Agnim Agarwal, Alex Bardon, Hannah Chen, Stephanie Chen, Suchitra Dara, Audrey DeVault, Wesley Huang, Laura Lewis, Ann Zhu


Katie Bouman | Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Joseph Falson | Assistant Professor of Materials Science


Study of Low Mass Long Lived Particles Decaying in the Muon System | Gabrielle Dituri

Are All Fast Radio Busts the Same? | Lucca de Mello

Elucidating Catalysis with the “Gold Standard” of Quantum Chemistry | Patryk Kozlowski

Developing a Sprayable Antiviral Coating in Response to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic | JC Daniel Calso

Applying Machine-Learning to Predict High Latitude Alaskan Ionospheric Irregularities | Annabel Gomez

DNA and Magnets: A Path to Making Computers, Circuits, and Oscillators | Kavya Rajagopalan

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