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Wikiganda: Identifying propaganda through text analysis

Rishi Chandy, K. Mani Chandy, and Virgil Griffith

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Wikipedia has become one of the largest collaborative digital encyclopedias in the world. Users can edit Wikipedia articles directly and view changes instantly, providing an incentive for contribution. With few restrictions on article editing, Wikipedia relies on its users to recognize and correct content that fails to adhere to its editing standards, such as conflicts of interest (COI) and biased points-of-view. In 2007, Virgil Griffith released Wikiscanner, an online tool that allows users to trace anonymous Wikipedia edits back to the organization that owns the editor's IP address, exposing revisions made by that organization's employees. In this article we integrate Wikiscanner with recent research in opinion mining and sentiment analysis to produce Wikiganda, a tool which uses text analysis and public data sources to pinpoint organizations that contribute possibly malicious propaganda to Wikipedia.