Co-Editors in Chief

Shuxian (Sherry) Wang, 

Shuxian Wang is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She’s interested in machine learning and hopes to conduct research in the field soon. She spends her free time playing soccer.

Jonathan Chan,

Jonathan is a senior majoring in Chemistry. As Outreach Coordinator for Caltech’s Chemistry Club, he is passionate about getting kids of all ages excited about science. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing squash, hiking, tutoring at the Hixon Writing Center, reading about the Supreme Court, and binging on TV shows like Black Mirror and Law & Order: SVU.

Associate Editors

Alycia Lee,

Alycia Lee is a sophmore in bioengineering. Her research interests include the intersection of molecular biology, engineering, and computer science.

Michael Yao,

Born and raised in California, Michael Yao is an sophomore intending on studying Bioengineering and Applied Physics. As a John Stauffer research fellow, he is working on improving noninvasive ultrasound imaging and functionalizing therapeutic ultrasound modalities in Dr. Mikhail Shapiro’s research group. Prior to Caltech, Michael worked at the University of California, San Francisco on stem cell research and modification through CRISPR/Cas9 technologies. He hopes to one day pursue a career in academic medicine, focusing on translational research alongside helping patients at the bedside. In addition to working with the Undergraduate Research Journal, he spends his time as a member of the Academics and Research Committee, the Caltech MEDLIFE chapter, and Atria Connect, a medical start-up nonprofit. Outside of schoolwork, Michael enjoys early-morning nature hikes, playing music, swimming, and spending time with his two wonderful dogs.

Previous Editors-in-Chief

2018-2019: Meera Krishnamoorthy ’19 and Grace Xiong ’19