Co-Editors in Chief

Alex Bardon,

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Alex is a senior studying Computation and Neural Systems. In addition to working as an editor for CURJ, Alex is a peer tutor in the Hixon Writing Center and a member of Caltech’s track and cross country teams. In her free time, she likes to read, run, and bake.

Wesley Huang,


Wesley is a junior studying Biology. He currently does research in the Guttman Lab. Aside from working with his favorite organization CURJ, he volunteers and works out in his free time.


Associate Editors

Agnim Agarwal,

PastedGraphic-1Agnim is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics. Aside from CURJ, Agnim is also involved in Caltech’s Data Science Organization. In his free time, Agnim enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, listening to music, and cooking.

Hannah Chen,


Hannah is a junior studying Applied & Computational Mathematics with a minor in Astrophysics. Currently, her academic and research interests include theoretical CS, computer vision, data science, and biotech. She likes to spend her free time watching television dramas and attempting to hike, paint, bake, and play music.

Stephanie Chen,

IMG_6598Stephanie is a sophomore majoring in mathematics. Aside from CURJ, she is the treasurer for Origami Club and also a member of Math Club, Physics Club, Science Olympiad, and TechLit. Stephanie is a Darb and enjoys reading in her free time.

Suchitra Dara,

SuchitraSuchitra is a sophomore studying Bioengineering. Her current research is in genetics, studying aspects of the piRNA pathway in fruit flies. Outside of CURJ, she is a tutor with Caltech Y’s Rise tutoring program and serves on the Advocacy Committee. In her free time, Suchitra enjoys listening to music, baking, bullet journaling, and making digital art.

Audrey DeVault,


Audrey is a junior majoring in Physics, with an intended minor in Astrophysics. She previously worked to improve the efficiency of inertial confinement nuclear fusion, and is now working with NASA’s NuSTAR mission studying pulsars. In addition to working with CURJ, she is a member of the PMA Division Student Advisory Board, a Dean’s Tutor, IHC (InterHouse Committee) Secretary, and a volunteer teacher for MIT’s ESP. She is a member of Ricketts House and enjoys alpine skiing, sailing, and loud music.

Laura Lewis,

ID PhotoLaura Lewis is a junior double majoring in mathematics and computer science. Her research interests are centered around quantum computation and theoretical computer science, where she is a researcher at Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM). In addition to CURJ, she is also the Vice President of the Caltech Archery Club and is involved with the Society of Women Engineers and the Caltech Y’s Rise Tutoring Program.

Ann Zhu,

IMG_6350Ann is a sophomore studying the Biomolecular track of Chemical Engineering. She is currently doing research in engineering ultrasound-detectable probiotic sensors of GI inflammation, and is also active in Rise Tutoring with the Caltech Y and SoCal Science Olympiad. Outside of academics, she spends her time journaling, playing guitar, and spending time with her friends.

Maggie Sui,

Maggie is a junior studying bioengineering. She does research on protein circuits in the Elowitz lab, working on detecting mutations that distinguish cancer and non-cancer genomes. Outside of CURJ, Maggie is also co-editor of Totem, a Hixon peer tutor, and a creative writer. She serves as Lloyd treasurer and ARC At-Large rep.

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