Co-Editors in Chief

Alex Bardon,

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Alex is a senior studying Computation and Neural Systems. In addition to working as an editor for CURJ, Alex is a peer tutor in the Hixon Writing Center and a member of Caltech’s track and cross country teams. In her free time, she likes to read, run, and bake.

Wesley Huang,

Associate Editors

Agnim Agarwal,

PastedGraphic-1Agnim is a freshman studying Computer Science and Economics. He conducts research involving machine learning, bioinformatics, and computer vision at Caltech and off-campus at Duke University. He also actively competes in data science competitions as part of Caltech’s Data Science Organization. In his free time, Agnim enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, listening to music, and baking (and eating) coffee-flavored desserts.

Hannah Chen,


Hannah is a junior studying Applied & Computational Mathematics with a minor in Astrophysics. Currently, her academic and research interests include theoretical CS, computer vision, data science, and biotech. She likes to spend her free time watching television dramas and attempting to hike, paint, bake, and play music.

Stephanie Chen,


Stephanie is a freshman planning on studying either physics or mathematics. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading, doing origami, and playing with her pet dog.

Suchitra Dara,

SuchitraSuchitra is a freshman studying Bioengineering. Her current research is in genetics, studying aspects of the piRNA pathway in fruit flies. Outside of CURJ, she is a tutor with Caltech Y’s Rise tutoring program and a member of the Society of Women Engineers. In her free time, Suchitra enjoys listening to music, baking, bullet journaling, and making digital art.

Audrey DeVault,


Audrey is a sophomore majoring in Physics, with an intended minor in Astrophysics. She previously worked with the Laboratory for Laser Energetics’ OMEGA laser facility to improve the efficiency of inertial confinement nuclear fusion, and is now working with Caltech’s NASA NuSTAR mission studying transitional millisecond pulsars under Dr. Fiona Harrison and Dr. Amruta Jaodand. In addition to working with CURJ, she is a member of the PMA Division Student Advisory Board, a Dean’s Tutor, and a volunteer teacher for MIT’s ESP. She is a member of Ricketts House and enjoys alpine skiing, sailing, and drinking hot spiced cider on cold days.

Laura Lewis,

ID PhotoLaura Lewis is a sophomore double majoring in mathematics and computer science. Her research interests are centered around quantum computation and complexity theory, where she is a researcher at Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM). In addition to CURJ, she is also the treasurer of the Caltech Archery Club and is involved in Math Club, Physics Club, and the Society of Women Engineers.

Ann Zhu,

Past Editors-in-Chief

2020-2021: Alicia Lee and Michael Yao

2019-2020: Shuxian (Sherry) Wang and Jonathan Chan

2018-2019: Meera Krishnamoorthy and Grace Xiong

2017-2018: Suchita Nety

2016-2017: Edward Fouad and Suchita Nety

2015-2016: Edward Fouad and Suchita Nety

2014-2015: Edward Fouad and Conway Xu

2013-2014: Marvin Gee and Conway Xu

2012-2013: Marvin Gee and Conway Xu

2011-2012: Marvin Gee and Granton Jindal

2010-2011: Andrew Freddo and Joy Sheng