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Editors in Chief

Edward Fouad

Edward Fouad is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He is particularly interested in robotic systems, and has most recently worked with Aaron Parness at JPL in developing a microspine gripper for grasping large boulders on asteroids. He leads the mechanical division of the Caltech Robotics Team, and also plays violin in the Caltech Orchestra.

Suchita Nety

Suchita Nety is a junior studying Chemistry and minoring in English. In the Shapiro Lab, Suchita's undergraduate thesis focuses on the development of new contrast agents for ultrasound imaging. She is a peer tutor in the Hixon Writing Center and, in her spare time, enjoys leading the Caltech Dance Team.

Associate Editors

Shannon Wang

Shannon Wang is a junior majoring in physics. She's interested in quantum information and hopes to conduct research in that discipline soon. She enjoys reading, writing, and watching TV when she has free time.

Grace Lee

Grace is a junior majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics. She has most recently worked with Tom Alberts on studying the reversible dynamics of the N=4 case of the Bak-Sneppen model. She was a SFP House Ambassador last summer, and is involved in various other extra-curriculars such as the Big T and InnoWorks. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and finding cool places to eat in LA.

Minh Nhat Le

Minh Nhat Le is a junior majoring in Biology. He is interested in neuroscience research and is currently working in the Tsao lab on the process of surface representation in mice. He enjoys playing the piano, playing chess and listening to music in his free time.

Juliane Preimesberger

Juliane Preimesberger is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. She is particularly interested in engineering applications in the fields of geology and aerospace. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing.